I provide a full range of support for Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Printer, Apple Mac, PC hardware and Windows, Macintosh OSX, Android based devices, specialising in repairs and upgrades.

All prices exclude cost of parts (unless otherwise specified).

I will advise you of all estimated costs before beginning work on your device.

All jobs are treated as express service and dealt with either on the spot or as fast as possible provided any necessary replacement parts are in stock.

If parts need to be ordered you will be informed of estimated delivery dates and your repair resumed first thing on parts arrival.

All prices listed cover labour only (unless otherwise specified) and if for any reason would need to be increased you will be contacted and informed about the change, giving you the chance to make the decision of either accepting the raise or collecting the equipment.

In cases of severe damage to the equipment and it been deemed not economical to repair you will be given an advice and if you would still opt for the repair all estimated costs would need to be paid in advance.

I offer an OnSite Service, Remote Support or could repair equipment by Collect&Return Service.

Call me now on 07826847478 or use the Contact form for an estimate.

Apple Mac Repairs

Apple Mac Repairs Every Apple Computer can be repaired for you at very competitive prices. If it is slow, unresponsive, freezing, you can not see anything on the screen, not starting at all, your battery is not holding charge, it is not behaving right or you spilled something on it and Apple told you it is …

Collect and return service

Collect and return service

Collect and Return Service   I can collect your Laptop, PC or MAC from anywhere in Scotland and return it to you on completion. Call 07826847478 or fill in my contact form to arrange collection today.

Data Backup / Recovery

Data Backup / Recovery / Transfer

Data Backup, Recovery and Transfer I can help you if: >  you can hear clicking sounds and your computer freezes intermittently, >  external drive (portable, network, USB or pendrive is not showing you the list of files or stopped working completely >  you need to recover files, documents, pictures music or home videos off an old or broken machine …

Insurance Quotations

Insurance Quotations

If your computer equipment suffered greatly and the quoted prices and costs for the repair would make your head spinning, think about claiming the costs back through your household insurance. In some cases your insurer would require a written letter or quotation for any of your damage you would like to claim back. I can …

We know how to connect you or repair your network problems


I have done it all and can offer tailored networking service to suit your needs: >  Setting up home broadband, routers, >  installing network printers, network drives (NAS), servers and networked backups, >  setting up files, computers and printers sharing, >  planning, cabling, installing and setting up network in your office, >  setting up remote …

On Site & Home Call Out services

On Site, Call Out Services   I offer an onsite services in the Glasgow and beyond area. In case of emergency I can even come to your home or business the same day, at out of business hours or a weekend to help you keep your down time to a minimum. If it is quite far or would …

Overheating treatment

If your computer is noisy, runs slow or is getting very hot it might be caused by excess of dust and fluff accumulated in the air ducts, radiator or fan of your computer, the thermal paste between the processor and cooling plate might also be old, hardened, crispy and not conduct heat efficiently enough. I …

PC Tune Up / Health Check

PC Clean Up / Tune Up / Health Check

These days viruses, malware, spyware and adware are the number 1 cause of computer problems. The amount of bloatware we experience and deal with every day is staggering. Even manufacturers of new computers supply them preinstalled with dozens of “free” software we do not want or need. Simple reason for it is obviously the money. …

Power Socket Replacement

Power Socket Replacement

As a mechanical part, power socket can easily get damaged. Tripping on the cable when rushing back to work with your laptop or pulling it too roughly might damage the laptops socket or the middle pin inside it. I can help replacing the faulty part and soldering the new one instead. If the power socket on your laptop …

Reflow Service

When your computer has been noisy, overheating and slow for a while and now: >  when your Mac or PC starts and works but displays particles or discolorations on the screen, >  when playing your game it randomly cuts off and restarts the Windows, > when you can power your Macbook up and then go …

Screen Replacement

Screen Replacement

When the screen is cracked, broken or faulty you notice flowing problems: >  brightness flickering >  screen appearing extremely dim >  reddish tint on the display, specially on the bottom, >  display going off after couple of seconds (can also be caused by video chip fault on the motherboard) >  white patches present on the …

We can offer wide range of possible upgrades to your computer


If your computer becoming slow, you are thinking about future proofing it or you have had it for a while and simply thinking about changing it but can not yet afford it I can offer you a range of parts suited for your system and making it fast again. Most effective ways to upgrade your system …

Virus removal

Pop ups, spyware, malware, adware, worms, trojans. Would you like me to clean your system of any nasty threat it has been affected by and return your Mac or PC quickly? I can also supply and install for you some of the best Internet Security and antivirus packages at the best prices. The cleanup and installation can be carried …

Windows/Mac OS X Repair / Reinstallation

When working with your Windows or Mac OS X we get used to the way it works but some problems would need you to seek help. If you would notice any of these problems, know I can help you: > Windows reminding you to purchase “genuine” software > system freezes, intermittent crashes >  start up …