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it is all about helping people

for me personally, it has always been about helping, when people get stuck and can not get through with computers I can almost always help, getting you pass the thrills of not knowing, or just fix it for you, so you do not need to think about it anymore. I admire when you want to …

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Windows/Mac OS X Repair / Reinstallation

When working with your Windows or Mac OS X we get used to the way it works but some problems would need you to seek help. If you would notice any of these problems, know I can help you: > Windows reminding you to purchase “genuine” software > system freezes, intermittent crashes > start up …

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Pop ups, spyware, malware, adware, worms, trojans.

Would you like me to clean your system of any nasty threat it has been affected by and return your Mac or PC quickly? I can also supply and install for you some of the best Internet Security and antivirus packages at the best prices. The cleanup and installation can be carried out onsite, remotely (if your internet connection …

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PC Clean Up/ Tune Up / Health Check

These days viruses, malware, spyware and adware are the number 1 cause of computer problems. The amount of bloatware we experience and deal with every day is staggering. Even manufacturers of new computers supply them preinstalled with dozens of “free” software we do not want or need. Simple reason for it is obviously the money. …

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Onsite Support, services and tuitions

I offer an onsite services anywhere in the Glasgow area. In case of emergency I can even come to your home or business the same day, at out of business hours or a weekend to help you keep your down time to a minimum. If it is quite far or would take a long time to get, do …

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I can back up, recover or transfer your data

I can help you if: >  you can hear clicking sounds and your computer freezes intermittently, >  external drive (portable, network, USB or pendrive is not showing you the list of files or stopped working completely >  you need to recover files, documents, pictures music or home videos off an old or broken machine >  that new computer you …

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Apple Repairs

Any Apple Computer can be repaired for you at very competitive prices. If it is slow, infected, unresponsive, freezing, you can not see anything on the screen, not starting at all, your battery is not holding charge, it is just not behaving right or you spilled something on it and Apple told you it is …

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Remote Support

If you need help and it is possible to connect to your computer remotely we would ask you to use this link to download , install, run and give us numbers generated by the TeamViewer software so we could establish live connection Download TeamViewer

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